Seriously - How do I get my head out of my ass?



I didn’t even start it!

Well, THAT went into an interesting direction… :slight_smile:

Az, I’m hoping you slept on it and changed your mind.

You weren’t here that day. It is deleted now.

Excellent point!

Happy times

I think it’s hard to feel welcome here.

I’ll be honest, I lurked in the forums for probably 6 months or more before I ever commented. This is a tight group, with a lot of history, and that makes it hard to join in without feeling like you’re stepping on toes.

There are a couple people who likely aren’t aware how their posts read to someone who doesn’t know them…it took me a while to realize it was mostly bark, no bite.

We try to be friendly.
Old people leave all the time and if we aren’t nice to new people, there would be nobody to play with.
I was the only new person for about a year when I started.

Azgman, I could use some help. Carrying bottles of napalm and flinging them around in here will be a lot easier if I have a henchman helping.

And yes, I do find this forum to be over PC - which is why I hit and run, and generally snicker if someone’s undies get burned off :slight_smile:

Like this guy. He use to be around, trying to convince us he is a lemming, when his picture is the first one that comes up when you google groundhog!

Once he got that taste of freedom driving around with Bill Murray, he never went back.
Joined the witness protection program and stated burning stuff.

// leaves bag of cheetos by the door and leaves

AZG, you’re right that woot doesn’t need your personal info. no need for you to limit your own ability to come on the site, though.

You all are probably very tired of my apologizing.

It’s apparent I have anger issues and lash out inappropriately, often at the folks I like and have the most respect for.

It’s a situation I intend to have professionally addressed.

{{Gman}} Glad you came back today. :slight_smile:

Thanks, k’bing!

FYI, I basically just assume you will eventually cool off. It’s OK.

Thanks, J’phus

I’m not saying people aren’t nice, just that it’s hard to feel welcome, hard to fit in. A lot of banter, a lot of close friendships, stuff that new people won’t understand and isn’t intended to push them out, but still does.

Oddly enough, the one person who made me feel most welcome seldom (if ever) posts anything other than good morning…being included in Raining’s morning list was sort of a validation.

YAY! Welcome back!

I haz cold germs to share if you want some!