Seriously - How do I get my head out of my ass?

And remove my personal info from this site?

email They’ll be in on Monday.

You want us to forget everything we know about you?

What the hell are you helping him for???
He is just in a grump. He’ll get over it.

I don’t care what you know. Woot doesn’t need to know any more.


What do they know? Your address and your charge card number. They have had that for 5 years now.
Can’t you even take the # out of the account page?


How long will you be gone this time?
You know you will miss us. Especially me. YOu know you will miss me.
Why put yourself through all that???

You never learn.

No; I have learned. I’ve learned that you have to be PC and not be contrary and not upset the de facto principals in here.

And I’ve learned I can’t be honest here because the skins are too thin.

I’m a principal and I get over it. Well, honestly, most of the time I don’t even notice.
KT got over it, and you caught her at a bad time.
Besides, I only saw one person, then again I’ve only half read today.

You know how it works.
If a person is in a good mood, nothing anyone says bothers you.
If a person is in a bad mood, the most innocent thing bothers you.

(before Poof gets mad at me…Gman, you know you went too far tonight, but that is what family does. Pushes buttons)

Well, if you disappear, I’m going to start sending real mail to your house until you come back.
Poor Lynnie will come back from vacation and you won’t be there.

d’name, it doesn’t matter. This place has changed way too much.


bah. you get irritated at people all the time. just 'cause someone gets irritated back isn’t a reason to leave.

You have been saying that since you got here!
Well at least since I got here.

You should be able to enter any information into your account as necessary – zero out credit cards, change address, etc. There’s no default functionality for canceling.

Perhaps so.


take a break for a few days and then come back.

Don’t you mess up my universe by disappearing.

Can I say that you would be missed?


I honestly don’t feel welcome here any longer.

OK, that just deserves a smack.


I’m going to sleep. I’ll argue with you tomorrow.

oh, geeze, the captcha isn’t even a real word. Neither one of them
What the hell is a brueghel atchafalaya?

Don’t leave
We like having you around
Even when we are mad at you for being your normal grumpy self.
You can’t get rid of us that easy. We are part of your life. Like it or not, we are part of you and you are part of us.
People can only leave for good stuff, getting married, like Cruzer. Or something like that.

The dog is looking at me.
I’ve got to go.

Besides, son interviewed with a school about an hour from you. He liked it and it is only 90 minutes from his girlfriend’s school.
If I have to visit him, I’ll show up and nag you in real life, and if that annoys you here, it will REALLY get to you in real life!