Seriously, Woot?

I ordered a Silhouette Portrait 2 on Sunday, my credit card was charged, and I was already using it in my head to create art projects for my friends who have been forced to home school because of COVID-19 to work on with their children. Today I received notification that my order was canceled and I received a credit to my card. What a disappointment for me and those students! I ordered before the item sold out and I received a confirmation. I even bought some accessories for the machine so that I’d be ready to go when it was delivered. I’ve had good luck with my previous Woot orders and never questioned whether they would actually be fulfilled, but now I’m doubtful and wonder if this will happen again with another item. Can experienced Wooters share their experiences with canceled orders? Does Woot ever receive more product and fulfill canceled orders? Thanks for your input.
A disappointed crafter

I’m very sorry. This shipped out of an Amazon warehouse. Sometimes when they go to pull an order, the items just aren’t there or are deemed unsellable (e.g. damaged).

Again, apologies.

No, once the order is canceled Amazon will never go back and recharge you once item comes available again. You will just have to repurchase it. Same happened to me on a network upgrade I was hoping to receive a great advanced router. Was refunded days later as I thought I would receive a shipment notification. I received the same sappy response as well. Just suck it up and never buy from woot again…