Serotonin & the Dopamines

Oh wow, I may need to get this for my neurobiology friends…! Who knew neurotransmitters could be so cute?

Cheerful Walmazan influenced chemistry: the best kind to have spill onto a shirt.

This design raised the serotonin and dopamine levels in my amygdala. Awesome design, Wences!

Congratulations, Wences! Great design as always.

This shirt re-ups my happiness.

Okay, one friend of mine is a neurotherapist, and another (via an intro from her) is a neuropharmacologist (someone who specializes in meds for people recovering from head injuries).

Both are getting one of these.

Thank you Woot!

Too cute!

That is definitely one of the darker stories to accompany a product…I just might buy this shirt now.

I saw a HO-HO-HO in there is this a Christmas shirt?

congrats Wences!!!

As a Parkie (Parkinson’s Disease patient), I get it! I really don’t need another tshirt, I really don’t, but this one is a must!

Serrrrrrrotonin… why don’t you come to your senses… You been out riding systems… for soooo long now…

Yay! thanks Woot! It make me so happy!

Those are the hydroxyl groups-- oxygen and hydrogen bonded together.

Right. This isn’t a Christmas shirt, it is an amine shirt. Wear it around Amine day, the second Tuesday in November.

I still don’t get why the drummer gets top billing.

Phil Collins played the drums.

Yeah!! , Congrats amigo, great tee!

Inspired, I’m sure, by Toothpaste for Dinner…

you act surprised…as if anything on this site is original