Serta 25" Canopy Pet Bed

My Yorkie loves this bed!

Good to hear! I just ordered one for my kitty. His old bed is getting pretty gross, so he now gets to upgrade to a Serta!

My Boston Chi Party (Boston Terrier Chihuahua) loves this bed! He crawled in seconds after I pulled it out of the shipping box. Only issue is that the bottom is slightly rounded and compounded with the soft bottomed nature of the bed, he tends to roll the bed to one side unless he gets directly in the middle. All said, he’s not complaining. A must for a dog like likes to burrow and snuggle.

Does this bed come with that big-eared brown rat shown in the picture? 'Cause he looks kinda scared…

Bridgette the 16 y/o chihuahua will not leave this bed, which is in the living room. Now I have to buy another one to keep in my bedroom; that’s the only way I’ll get my dog back, and actually get to see her.

My 2 chihuahuas love their beds. I bought them at Home Goods for the same price. I highly recommend. I just wish they made a super giant size for my Irish Wolfhound.

My mini-dachshund loved this so much he already tore holes in it.

Is it washable?

From the features:

Easy care cover zips off easily for laundering

Looks like bat-boy’s pet puppy

I ordered this last week for my chihuahua who always wants to be covered. He loves it!

From the comments I gather this is for tiny pets? Would it fit a medium sized cat?

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Bigger than their old bed, my 15lb dachshunds love it. Nice quality.

Wish I’d ordered two of these! My mom’s little Chinese Crested likes to snuggle into it and my overweight rat terrier also makes use of it. It’s super-soft inside, so I almost wish I had one!