Serta Bedding: Sleep Warmly

I have used an electric mattress pad for years. You won’t believe how cozy it makes your bed. I like to “pre-heat” the bed about an hour before bedtime. You can keep your home thermostat lower, too!


I bought a Serta Waterproof Mattress Warming Pad with ScotchGuard back in October 2013.

It worked well until July 2014.

I bought a waterproof unit to protect our mattress.

Our cats sometimes leave us a hair ball in the bed (accidents do happen).

We specifically wanted this style.

It did protect the mattress but annoying that the mattress pad seemed to move & slide around.

Three times a day we readjusted the sheets & the mattress pad.

Not sure why it did that as it was the correct size

Those little holder things that look like they are for stockings were of no help, but they were fun to shoot at each other like rubber bands.

In early July I would turn the unit on for half of the bed, and it would turn off in less than a minute.

We narrowed the problem down to a malfunction in the wiring in half of the mattress warmer.

We pulled it off the bed and got ready to do the five year warranty.

I contacted Serta and several days later and was surprised were surprised to learn this from the representative enclosed in the reply email

“Serta manufactures mattresses and foundations. We license independently owned companies to make many types of furniture and bedding accessories using the Serta brand name.”

I discovered that we needed to contact Perfect Fit Industries, located in Charlotte, NC.

The exchange was quick.

We received a replacement that was not the same as what we had bought.

I know that sometimes models change, but the replacement unit should have had the same features as the defective model did.

The replacement was not waterproof like its predecessor.

I was disappointed because I thought it should have the same features as the original purchase.

Without the waterproof feature, it is quite a bit cheaper priced mattress warming pads.

Mostly my disappointment was that it was no longer a waterproof warmer to protect my mattress from possible (probable?) kitty accidents.

If anyone has the need for this information, I will share it here, as it will save you some time if you should have the need to use your warranty. It took several days for Serta to respond & tell me who to contact.

Telephone: Perfect Fit Industries - (800) 299-1378 or (800) 864-7618



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This seems to be cheaper on Amazon and is Prime as well.