Serta Elevated Diamond Coil Air Bed with Built-In Pump

[Google Product Link]( ST840004&tbm=shop)

Pretty sure this was on last night too.

Different Brand I believe.

Perfect for the 99%

Ok, that means they are recycling…bring back the scooba please.

Or just a roomba is fine.

I need one. Bring it.

No, it was a more different airbed***s***. Here we have model number 3 for this Woot Off.

Does anybody know anything about the Serta, though? I skipped the last two because reviews were mixed, but am in the market for one. This seems high. Is it superawesome or something?

Blast it, I’ve got an unused set of FULL sheets but all the deals on airbeds are for queen-size!

This one was on woot! at 9:30 this morning and it was only $59.99.

Apparently diamond coils are worth 20 bucks more.

$169.00 on Amazon.

The full was on this morning. But I bet they’ll have it again in the next woot off.

Edit: I originally wrote “derby” instead of “woot off,” because I’ve been spending too much time looking at shirts today.

I’m told that scissors and duct tape solve almost any problem.

The one from this morning wasn’t Serta, it was a generic brand, great reviews on Amazon.

Well that’s really odd because the description that I have from the one this morning was Serta Queen Elevated Pillow Top Air Bed. They didn’t seem to spell Serta any differently then. But maybe that was just me.