Serta Extra Large Memory Foam Pet Couch

New Puppy owner here, been buying the Costco dog beds, and she has peed on each one so far (two). Yes the cover is washable, but the stuffing and everything else isn’t. No matter what we’ve tried we can’t get the smell out of the cushion, and have tossed both already. Will this bed have the same issue?


I’ve had that in the past with a pup.

try this:

Hose out what you cant. Then soak the material in white vinegar and then setting it out in the sun.

Also, Simple Green Dog Stain & Odor Remover is amazing. It removed a 5 yr old stain that no professional carpet cleaner could.

Once it’s been in the sun and dried. Spray it with that to soak again. Sun dry. Repeat.

See if that works.