Serta EZ Bed Queen, with Never Flat Pump

**Item: **Serta EZ Bed Queen, with Never Flat Pump
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Serta EZ Bed Queen, with Never Flat Pump
Price: $219.99
Condition: New

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OK reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) over at

Check out these reviews from Walmart or browse on over to Serta

This is tempting but it seems like sooner or later it would meet a jagged edge in our house. :frowning:

Anyone know where it’s made? Amazon has it listed as U.S.A., but some other sites have it listed as China.

What is the weight limit for this? Seriously, one person limit, two person limit?

For instance, it may hold more weight distributed among the area of two people.

Step 4: “Wheeled storage for quick and easy”

I hate it when copy writers don’t finish what they


does anyone know the shipping weight? I am thinking that this would be a nice gift for someone in the US V.I. (so I can visit more often!)

“Never flat” is the equivalent of “hold my beer & watch this…”

Hey WoOt,

You should offer a site that features items only made in the USA! =o)

[hr]Answers to Questions Asked So Far[hr]

Country of Origin: China

Weight Limit: 500 lbs

Shipping Weight: 56 lbs



No thanks…

Looks too comfortable…

Spare beds should start to hurt them by the third day…

Also too if they are TOO comfortable , You wont ever get the inlaws, or the Kids to EVER leave . lol. :wink:

I have the non-platform version of this (just the air mattress). It’s the most comfortable one I’ve owned, and holds air better than any I’ve owned. I usually don’t have to top it off until the 3rd night w/ 2 people. It turns off automatically (when it reaches max pressure) but I like to hold the switch on a bit longer to get it a touch firmer.

A couple cons:
-There is no manual fill port, so if the pump dies, you can’t use an external pump or lungs, so the thing is a paperweight (mine still works 2 years later).
-It only works off AC power, so no cigarette socket, and no batteries.
-And it draws too much power for my “350W” cheap Wal-Mart car inverter, so it’s a no-go for camping unless you have a powered site (and extension cord).

It appears Serta doesn’t want to claim this product since it doesn’t appear anywhere on their website! I can’t find it anyway.

It’s likely that it’s simply no longer available directly from the manufacturer. They’re probably no longer making the product.