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Serta Pet Beds - Your Choice!
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Oversized bed is 40"? Isn’t that 3’? My dog couldn’t fit on that even if he squished himself into a ball. Am I missing something here?

are the covers removable and machine washable?

The pillow top says:

Zippered Cover Removes Easily for Machine Washing

I’m checking on the couch bed.

Some info on these bed:

These are a custom bed made exclusively for Woot. The difference you’ll see from other similar looking pet beds is that ours has GEL MEMORY FOAM with the orthopedic foam. This combo of gel and orthopedic is being used in high end mattresses!

GEL MEMORY FOAM is the latest in sleep technology. It provides a soft but supportive feel and the natural cooling properties in the Gel allow for increased air flow and a more comfortable, cool sleep.

Well, I am buying 2 and using one for myself!


I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions that you may have.



The covers are removable and machine washable.


Exactly right TT! Thanks for the help!

Morning PB! Welcome back.


Is there a weight range these beds were designed for? I have seen specs such as these on other pet beds. Thanks!


No weight range. As described above, the inner foam is also used in high end mattresses… so designed for humans, much heavier than dogs. As long as your dog can fit on the bed, the foam will not break down.

I hope this helps!

I bought one of the flat ones about a month ago. Works great except none of my three small dogs particularly like it because it 's not soft and squishy and they can’t “dig” in it. I’ve washed and dried the cover four times already and it comes out like new. Very easy to get on and off too. Other than it not being “squishy” it’s a great bed.

Hello, can you please tell me what size dog this is meant for. I have two large dogs - both 90-100 lbs, and want to make sure that the picture of the lab on the bed is a good representation. Thanks!

The lab in the picture weighs 75 pounds, I would think that this size would work for both your dogs.

What are the deminsions for the pillowtop bed?

39" x 29"

Not big enough for my dane :frowning:
Though nothing ever is! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sad day.