Serta Queen 18" Dual-Zone Air Mattress

**Item: **Serta Queen 18" Dual-Zone Air Mattress
Price: $99.99
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This looks like it would be sooo comfortable to keep in the spare room! The height is really nice.

Lots of reviews for the Perfect Sleeper on the Product Page {reviews not for dual zone}

I wonder how quickly the average guest would destroy this…because I know it probably wouldn’t take me too long, ha ha. =)

I own one of these, got it a few years back during Christmas holiday sales. It is a great investment, and very sturdy. The fact you can control the dual-zone for comfort is great. If in the market for an air mattress; at this price, this is a good purchase.

Those reviews are for a regular Serta Perfect Sleeper, not the air bed. I find no mention of air bed or mattress on the Serta site. I do find reviews on several other sites, including Walmart (but not presently available) and Nextag, and selling for $119-129. The reviews were mixed with leaking air being the most common complaint.

Bought one from Woot! a while ago… maybe a year and a half or two years ago. Hoped it would be an interim mattress until I found a conventional on sale at the right price. Within three weeks the baffles separated from the top, leaving a hump of air in the middle of one side, and turned very uncomfortable. Still have it, but use it ONLY as a last resort when there’s an overflow of overnight company. Constant use of this is not recommended!

Sounds like it would work great for people you want to get rid of! In for 2! Ha ha!

my wife and I sleep a couple of nights on one of these and didnt like it. The ridge in the middle is noticeable. if you are going to “stay on your half of the mattress” maybe. But even then you felt like you were trapped inside a box. (the perimeter all around is noticeable).
If you inflate each half at maximum firmness the foam ridge becomes less noticeable but you can still feel it there and it defeats the idea of separate comfort levels.
At low settings it felt like 2 boxes.

What does a mattress have to do with back to school???

Is this a serious question? Ok, so- Furnishing an off-campus apartment or whatever other accommodations a college student might scrape their way into? Jazzing up the horrible “extra long twin” beds in the dorms? Or, for the very swank college student, to be stored neatly in the closet for visitors to use instead of the usual lumps of blankets on the floor?

Perfect for those couples that finally decide to “push the beds together”. Sleep in the same bed but never touch each other.

These things are ungodly uncomfortable and you will feel like you are sleeping in a coffin or on the top of a mountain depending on the setting you choose. I have slept on similar beds and have never been able to get comfortable. Do yourself a favor and spend the $1000 on a memory foam mattress, you won’t be unhappy.