Serta Queen Size Airbed with Dual Comfort Zones and Built-In Electric Pump

Why would I want guests to be Dual Comfort Zone comfortable? They’ll never leave!

i have often wondered if it would support a small outboard and we could use it as a cheap raft around the harbor.

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Serta Queen Size Airbed with Dual Comfort Zones and Built-In Electric Pump
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I hate this bed because it reminds me of how lonely I am.

160 from Amazon
150 from WalMart
3 stars, 1 review from Amazon
4 stars, 5 reviews at Walmart

looks decent

Edit: posted prices above, so this is another site $199.99 at Overton’s

ill wait for black friday when I can pic up those queen sized intex ones for $10, Take that thing camping so far its served its purpose.

This can be used to convert any full size van into a 1970’s style love machine. … Don’t come knocking.

I’m in a furnished condo, with what I think is a 20 yo mattress. Can I use this long term? (Say 9 months) without hurting my back?

I LOVE THESE! Serta definitely lives up to its name! My parents had a similar model and I would sleep on them soundly every time I came to visit.

I am definitely in for 1… It’s always good to have a spare bed in case company comes over!

Very true! With that in mind would never buy. So sorry WOOT.

According to Walmart review it has a 500lb limit.

Even the princess from that famed story, The Princess and the Pea would be comfortable with this.

How am i supposed to sleep in the middle and ‘starfish’ out with a big hump in the middle? ugh.

Where was this last week when we slept on the floor for 4 days, waiting for the dang movers?? Now surely is the winter of my discontent, made glorious summer by this Son of Woot!

Anyone know the dimensions of this when NOT inflated?

The damn thing about queen sized beds is, I’m too tall to sleep on them.

Can anyone tell me if this can be used as a permanent bed? Is this supposed to be durable? Or is this supposed to be something which one sleeps on once on a blue moon?

I am really in need of a bed soon which I will sleep on myself.

Walmart review:

I weigh 375, my wife 175, and the bed takes all we can dish out lol