Serta Queen Size Airbed with Dual Comfort Zones and Built-In Electric Pump

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Serta Queen Size Airbed with Dual Comfort Zones and Built-In Electric Pump
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I am not first.

Heard these work well although some on here don’t agree. A friend has a bunch for when he has a meeting in his home.

…now that’s what i call ‘going to the matresses!’

Come on guys, I know some of you have in-laws coming over for the holidays… On the upside, if it DOES leak maybe they will leave early??? :slight_smile:

I don’t go anywhere or have any friends willing to stay at my place for more than several minutes at a time. What am I supposed to do with this? Next.

Swingers club?

They do, literally! He’s their boss haha.

Have a cat? Watch these die real fast…

Bed time.

Hmm … anyone know if this is the same as:

That’s what comes up if you search for this bed’s model number at Amazon - and it looks identical except for the logo.

If it’s the same thing, the price difference is pretty remarkable.

You don’t happen to have a beard with a long blonde ponytail like your little avatar do you? That may have something to do with it. :wink:

He wishes. He saves that for weekdays and I’m not kidding. He’ addicted, belongs on Dr. Phil.

Please elaborate.

Are these something you’d use full-time for your normal bed, or more of a camping-trip/short-term-guests type of thing?

was $90 at overstock when they had them in stock

Pfft, you’ll eat those words when the style catches on.

He gives them great food, good drink, they talk business, it’s a control issue. It used to be cots, now they each go get their mattress lmao. Breakfast in the morning and they’re done, for 6 months.

I’ve used one for my regular mattress for years. Cheap ones can pop. This seems like a good one, though. In the stores the good ones are in the bedding aisle. Ones in camping section are always crap.