Serta Queen Size Airbed with Dual Comfort Zones and Built-In Electric Pump

why are there so many air matresses?!

Dang. Just bought one from Costco that probably isn’t as nice as this one. I like the “two zones” thing. Dang.

And we have ANOTHER airbed…

Do we really want the in-laws to be this comfortable when coming to stay?

too many air matresssss…

I like how’s air matress went from 20% to Sold out seconds after this one came up. I guess they knew I was going to complain

a bunch of people that work for woot must enjoy laying down on the job.

I agree If I could I would make them sleep on the deck. I guess I’ll have to settle with a crappy airbed and my german shepherd ominously looming over them while them sleep.

I’d really love to get my an in-laws an Aerobed, though. That’s what we’ve had for years now (got it free as a grocery store promo), and it’s still amazing for travel/guests.

You must be kidding. ANOTHER ONE?

Me thinks I must have heard someone ask for more air mattresses…

can we stop with all these airmattresses already?!

Reading the reviews from Walmart, it seems like a good mattress if you get one that isn’t broken when you get it. One person is able to use it as a permanent bed without many problems.

Hmm … maybe I’ll get one, compare it to the one I just bought from Costco. Then, send the most comfortable one to our friends who live in one of our favorite destination regions … and keep the lesser one here - for our honored guests.

Yeah … that’s the ticket!

Did I miss the third monkey offering while I was out?

Sometimes the sidewalk can be used as a “permanent bed” with no problems…and if you get near a grate, it’s heated!

Return he Costco one. Their return policy is great. Even if you don’t have the box or reciept. Just sayin.

After reading this write up, I am convinced that “Surviving the Coming Apocalypse” is the theme of this Woot Off. All the airbeds, knives, and whiskey stones - what else could it be?

When I think of Apocalypse, I think of “where’s my whiskey stones?”

Surviving Christmas with in-laws.