Set/3 Replacement Brushes

What manufacturer are these for?

Per the vendor:

These replacement heads are compatible with Platinum Sonic Toothbrush’s Advanced Sonic Toothbrush and the Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush.(Models DAZ-7080-P ,DAZ-7070-T , DAZ-7070-S , DAZ-7070M , DAZ-7180 , XVR-7060 , DAZ-7063, DAZ-7065, SBS-7180, SBS-23096-1000, DP23095-1100, DP23095-1200, DP23096-1000, GS23096-1000). They are also compatible with the follow other toothbrush brands and models: Pursonic: S620 S452BZ S450 S452BR S400 S500 Bling Dental: Diamond 2.0 Health HP-STX.

Here are the models that currently selling on Woot: