Set of 25 Folding Easy Trays w/ Folding Board

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Set of 25 Folding Easy Trays w/ Folding Board
Price: $30.99
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25 trays, so I I’ll need like … a hundred?

Just what everyone with OCD needs.

So then the messy family member tosses the empty easy trays all over the place after they pull every sweater off the shelf.

A hundred? Or a hundred 25 packs?

That product video has given me life.

Would these be good for towels or sheets?

I loved hearing the English as a second language-written script read by a professional voice-over voice with an American accent.

This is perfect for people who wear small or medium shirts. You get an XXL in those little slots and I am sure this won’t work as well as people think it will.

There was a big discussion about this product last time it was on. I heard a lot of negative reviews about the quality of the trays and the awkwardness of snapping them in and out of the holder in the back. From the discussion, I learned that there’s a company, ThreadStax, that was on SharkTank that made these, and that’s where these knockoffs are coming from. ThreadStax uses magnets. Seems like a nicer system.

I ended up paying (a lot!) more and going with ThreadStax. I haven’t tried them yet (currently living abroad, had them shipped to my home address in the states) so I can’t say anything of quality. But the reviews look really positive.

I’m still tempted to buy a set of these too since they’re so cheap and try them out, but I think I’ll wait until I try my threadstax first.

You know me. Of course it’s the latter.

If you fold fitted sheets like I do, they’ll never fit.

That was amaaaaazing.

That video made me super annoyed.

The fast-forward over how to actually USE the shelves. What were they hiding?

I need a sedative. It gave me epileptic convulsions.

EDIT: oops. My video player was glitching. Never mind!

Great :+1:t2: Idea! :bulb:

Interesting way to store cloths. Does it work for clothes too?

Fixed the typos.

Match the corners…then roll them into a ball? :wink:

Off topic story. One year my ex’s daughter put “cloths” on her christmas list. We knew she meant clothes, but as a joke we wrapped up a pile of cloths. She was old enough to know to accept any gift graciously, so watching her struggle to understand what she’d just unwrapped while staying polite was just hilarious. “Oh, how nice! It’s a… um… Well these are very nice… uh… What IS this??” At which point we pulled out her list and showed her. “What you asked for! Cloths!”

Fortunately she was able to see the humor.