Set the Table

The WMF flatware is a great buy. I bought a 50 pc set in a different pattern in 2011 for about $140 on an Amazon lightning deal. This 58 pc set includes small knives that are not a part of my set. I thought my deal was wonderful, but this woot is superb!

I picked up this same WMF set two weeks ago on here. My wife and I looked at a few 18/10 sets before we were married but didn’t really like the quality or styles of the brands we saw (Oneida, Mikasa, Lenox). This brand is amazing! Weight is heavy and its strong. You really have to try to bend them. The style is great too. I was worried it was too simple, but the picture doesn’t do it justice. The handles are curved with a little bend at the end. It’s classic yet still looks contemporary. This style will never get old.
I actually believe they’re worth the MSRP price. Also they come with a set of smaller knives, called dessert knives, which I’ve never seen here in the states. They’re not very small at all and go perfectly with the smaller fork which is also not that small making this 8 person set a 16 person set if necessary. Seriously great deal! Btw, did some research and found out that this set is made with a speical blended steel called Cromargan. They patented it and are the only company that can use it. It makes the flatware extra durable and get this… it’s super scratch resistant! So if your on the fence about buying this, just get them. You’ll be happy you did.

Yep, I agree with the raves above re: the WMF flatware. I bought this same set here several weeks ago, and have been trying to snag a second set ever since–and now, success! These are just beautiful and so delightful to use, making everything I eat while using them feel more elegant. I love how shiny and lovely they are. I had to get a second set just because. Maybe for a wedding gift, I originally thought. I probably won’t be able to part with them, though.

Do NOT waste your money on the Double Wall barware. The inner glass is so thin that it cracks almost immediately. Got a set of these last time they were offered.

First one broke as soon as I put in a couple of ice cubes and my favorite libation.

Next time I carefully used crushed ice. Same result.

I’ve come so close to buying the WMF set so many times, but I’m worried about the skinniness of the handles, they just don’t seem like they’d be comfortable to hold (or easy for my children to hold.) Can anybody who owns them comment? Someone posted this picture the last time they were offered on Woot, and the handles looked even skinnier than they do in these pictures!

Bought the Luigi Bormioli C803K glasses. I like the quality, but they were nothing like the shape pictured. I ended up keeping them, but if you’re buying them because you “like the way they look” you’re going to be disappointed.

Correlle set is 26 dollars on amazon with the free shipping there compared to the 5 dollar shipping here you save a whole one dollar! Some of the other deals are much better though.

I’m very interested in the WMF flatware but would love to hear from someone about the handles.The imgur pictures definitely look very thin and not very substantial

What shape are they? I’m looking but not real keen on the shape pictured. Are they more like a wine glass or a martini glass?

Did you contact woot! customer service? They have done right by me when things don’t go so well. I’m thinking of getting these so my better half doesn’t need to drink his single malt scotch from a cartoon jelly glass :slight_smile:

Those double wall glasses look cool but now I am nervous.

They are in the trim side, but nowhere near as thin as the WMF Bistro set on Amazon appears to be. Plus, they are a good weight and are well balanced in the hand.

I bought a second set for myself yesterday, then bought another set today for a dear friend’s wedding gift. I am excited to give them!

Thank you! Just the info I needed.

Same here. Really need some nice DOF glasses. Anyone else care to comment on them? Maybe I’ll just get two instead of four this time around?

Luigi Bormioli C803K Crescendo Cocktail Glasses 9 Ounce are incredibly fragile. beautiful burt fragile.

Drink fast before they break.