Settler Cats

That is too brilliant.

I don’t think I’ve ever hit that big yellow button faster in my life.

Even cute cats fight over Settlers. No one is immune.

Geez, why do cats get the freedom to have so much down time? They lie in sunbeams, play complicated card games, grow mustaches on some days–SIGH

Ah, the life of a cat…

Ochopika, you’ve inspired me to learn to play Settlers of Catan as a direct result of this awesome shirt. If cats, who refuse to admit anything is cool, are having this much fun playing, it must be an awesome game!

Congratulations on the print; I love the narrative and that it captures just the right amount of detail.

According to your recent first sucker status, I’m inclined to agree with that assessment.

“I will F you up” for this shirt. Lol

Woot, I’ll trade you two catnips for this shirt. Deal?

And now I want to teach my cats to play Settlers. Is this a good thing?

Looks like this derby went to the cats.

So it’s tuna, yarn, catnip, and …

What’s the fourth resource?!? I must know!

I don’t want to offend anyone. I thoroughly enjoy Shirt Woot. I’ve bought a fair number of shirts. I like ochopika’s designs, and this one is lovely. But for the love of God, enough with the cats.

I guess this is Cattlers of Setan?
Sounds like Cowboy Demons.

Catnip drives me crazy and then I sleep it off for hours. Can’t get any work done.

My guess as to that fourth resource is either sunbeams or litter boxes.

ordinarily I am mindlessly driven, zombie-like, to purchase each and every one of your cat-themed shirts, but since i know nothing about the game it references, i’d feel like a poseur wearing this one.

I’m guessing litter & scratching posts. Catnip honestly seems like a commodity to me though, but then what would the 5th be? I have no idea what a cat’s version of brick is…I KNOW I’M THINKING ABOUT THIS TOO MUCH.

There have been a few cat designs this week, though 2 were from the derby so woot has zero control over that. I’m guessing that woot would’ve saved the Cat’s Resume daily for a different time if they could have.

I love the design, but never heard of the game. I have since googled it and watched an online tutorial from the games website. Now…I must buy this shirt…and probably the game…and then some friends. Cause I’ll need friends to play with me for sure, and I’m thinking imaginary ones won’t work