Setton Farms Cashews or Pistachios

Setton Farms Cashews or Pistachios

Mickey’s Christmas Carol, but originally the ghost said “green gravy” instead of “yogurt”. I guess green gravy sounded too nasty to stand the test of time.

Or maybe the green gravy was in another cartoon referencing chocolate pot roast

NOPE! Not a good deal! Stay away! SAMS, COSTCO, on sale at walgreens…ALL better deals. Wootsheeyit! Gezundheit!

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Delivery Dates are terrible with anything from Wine Country - Estimated delivery Oct 17 - Oct 23
at least in my experiences. :frowning: Not ordering anymore.

The initial estimated delivery date is pretty long. However, in my case when I recently ordered some cookies from Wine Country they arrived several weeks sooner than the initial expected delivery date.

$0.99 cheaper at Target

cashews are $.50 a pound at Sams