Seven Barrels Balsamic Vinegar 12oz

Seven Barrels Balsamic Vinegar 12oz

I purchase my Balsamic directly from Modena or Reggio Emilia, Italy. They are aged a minimum of 25 years and do NOT have addtional vinegar added… so being pure grape musk without added vinegar. Why would you add anything to something that is already perfect?

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Any question that begins ‘Why do they’ or ‘why don’t they’ is always answered by ‘money’. If they add extra non-expensive vinegar, they can sell more of it.

I wonder if the reviewer understands the difference between a gourmand and a gourmet.

You are kind of comparing apples to oranges. If you’re buying only what you say, which I have no doubt, then you are purchasing only Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP, Extra Vecchio, which is probably a minimum of $100 for a 100ml (3.38oz) bottle or the Reggio Emilia Extra Vecchio Gold Cap which is a little more, generally running around $150 for a 100ml bottle.
Although I enjoy those too, it’s a little pricey for everyday use. Plus you don’t really want to cook or make dressings out of those. And it is grape MUST… :wink:

This says imported from italy but their website says nothing of the sort. Is it genuine italian balsamic? Or some american knockoff?

Well, the woot description states: “Our Traditionale Balsamic Vinegar is brought into Northern California from Italy and bottled in Sonoma.” So right there you know it is some sort of hybrid.
And they do indeed note on their website: “…The story begins with Trebbiano grapes grown in and around Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy – the only places in world where Balsamic Vinegar is made. True Balsamic Vinegar like Seven Barrels, is aged for many years using a method requiring the vinegar to be moved through a series of as many as seven barrels of decreasing size. The barrels are made of seven different types of wood: oak, chestnut, acacia, cherry, mulberry, ash and juniper. Each wood makes its own contribution to the complex, nuanced flavor that will be the ultimate result…”
So apparently production is split between Italy and the US of A. But it is indeed not very specific. I’m taking a flyer on a few for Christmas anyway,