Seven Barrels Balsamic Vinegar 12oz

Seven Barrels Balsamic Vinegar 12oz

I might be blind, but is there nowhere listing how long it’s aged for? I’d be interested in this statistic.

Is this a thick syrup or is it like water pouring out

It’s aged on the truck…

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It’s aged 25 years. Says it on the website

It’s pretty thick consistency. I have several of them! They’re VERY good!

why does it say here reg price is 36. their website says $30 & 12.7 oz. so its only 5 dollar cheaper.

Did you include shipping on their site? Gourmet includes shipping in the price.

What website? The manufacturer? No way 25yr old balsamic is selling for anything under $75.00 if it’s authentic from Modena

thanks will give it a try

Just bought a couple. Sounds worth the money, was going to buy when it was offered before but just didn’t, no reason. I don’t think they are really claiming to be something they aren’t, but just a nice value and a quality product. We shall see.