Seven Barrels Balsamic Vinegar 12oz

Seven Barrels Balsamic Vinegar 12oz

Wow. Seven Barrels does not actually say on their website, Facebook page or product bottles where they are and where these are made. They imply Modena, but their bottles bear none of the required information and certification to be genuine Balsamic Vinegar, much less from Modena. Their ingredients, which should be “Grape Must” and nothing else, list “Balsamic Vinegar.” That would be like a box of cookies with ingredients that said “cookies.” They have put a lot of effort into hiding the facts. I’m running quickly in the opposite direction. No thanks, Woot.

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While searching on Google for 7barrels location, I found Suffern, New York. After using a whois lookup, the domain of their website is listed under Brooklyn Specialties, LLC. A LinkedIn search finds Paul Scott, which is the name of one of the founders (verified on Facebook) with the information that the olive oils are made from “Calofornia” and the vinegars are “italian” (???).

I’m perplexed by the fact that their vinegars are supposedly aged 25 years, but the company has only been around for about 11.

Honestly, this information should be on their website. It’s strange it’s not.

Update: the woot page now says:

“Our Traditionale Balsamic Vinegar is brought into Northern California from Italy and bottled in Sonoma.”

Consider me disappointed that I do not, in fact, receive seven barrels of balsamic for this price.

12oz =/= seven barrels

Edit: Upon reflection, if you divide the 12 ounces evenly among seven tiny barrels, I will still consider purchasing. Final offer.

sounds classy


I appreciate the effort, but it will take eight bottles of seven barrels to fill twelve mini-barrels with seven barrels. I think that’s seven mini-barrels more seven barrels than I need.

Bought a couple bottles last offer, one for me, one for daughter. I honestly have not opened mine yet, working through some other. Daughter likes it, but she says this is on the thicker/sweeter side and enjoys it more on ice cream and berries and such. Her preference for a dressing etc is something with a little more zing as she puts it.

This is the thicker almost glaze like balsamic you’ve been looking for in your mega mart but haven’t been able to find. It is incredibly delicious, I picked some up last time it was on woot. I wish I’d bought more