Seven, Eight, Crap laid Straight

Good luck all!

Got the elusive 7-8 BoC!!!
Thanks Woot!

Everyone must have taken a nap on this one!

Looks like I got one that time. I hope.

Sweet got me one… OH wait Crap this sucks i got one…

wow got one. had to sign in and everything

Score! Thats #12!

missed it because of sign in :frowning:

This looks to be extra crappy…record for longest available BOC

YES!!! first one for 2016!!! thanks Woot

OMG… second try… randomly walked up to the computer… refreshed… saw it and BAM… placed an order… says preparing for shipment… so cross your fingers it wont go back to denied!

hard to see this up and know that I can’t click on the want one button since i scored earlier today.

Like a damn fool I bought one.

Just happened to turn computer on at right time. First boc scored in a while

Woohoo got one!!!

My last BOC came last year in January but I’ve finally gotten another bag of crap! I even made it through with having to sign in again.

Edit: Wow, I think that was my 20th one.

The sign in killed me!!! arrghghghg…

My wife however, was successful, so our house get even crappier!

what just happened