Seventh Generation Soap and Body Wash

I generally do really like Seventh Generation products but these seem to have mixed reviews on the body wash. Some love this stuff (like the hand wash) and others have said it stinks (the peppermint body wash) and is irritating to the skin (the lavender lotion). Though a number of the mixed reviews are on the contents and packaging (questioning how green and eco-friendly the ingredients really are) not the product itself.

The prices here are good compared to other websites, except for the hand wash. You can do better on, and even better with a free Shoprunner trial membership (Shoprunner offers free 2 day shipping on participating websites like

does anyone know if these soaps are biodegradable?
planning on taking them camping.

Sorry for the late reply. I checked out the manufacturer’s product page, and these soaps are USDA Certified Biobased 100%. Here’s the page if you want to learn more.

Hope that helps!