Seventh Generation Toilet Paper 48-Count



What a crappy deal


From what i heard on the quality of their diapers I’d be very scared to use this TP. I’m pretty sure your first would tear through wile wiping.


My toilet is 8th Generation - is this compatible?


I only use first generation toilet paper…


Stinky fingers.


I never thought that someone could be allergic enough to be affected by TP…


not refurbished!


Wipe that smirk off your face.


One ply? Yikes…


well that is alot of TP but everyone uses it better stock up. that is going to be a big box on my door step.


First diapers, then this?

I knew the seventh season of The Next Generation was really crappy, but I didn’t realize Home.Woot was so into Star Trek!


you know, for the guest bathroom.


One ply? No thanks. Not a fan of brown fingers.


What does this feel like on delicate bits when being used? I’m afraid it will be like the stuff they use at work.


… so I can pay roughly twice what I would pay normally to get recycled toilet paper of dubious quality? I’ll get right on that!


The fluffy stuff leaves crotch lint. We’ll see.


should I worry how it was used on the first 6 generations?


Shoot for this price I would double up a bit.


Not quite understanding what makes this so great? It’s recycled? Well, 1 ply just doesn’t cut it and I’m pretty sure this is not even near a decent deal.