Sew Shop

Was rooting for this one. Excellent in all its details, plus perfect for the next time I work on a costuming crew.

I’d like to have some assurance that tonight’s shirt isn’t against the law.

I want to like this shirt but the grammatical error of Ross’ shirt kills me. Maybe I don’t get it.

Great design. Congrats ski!

Betsy would approve.

I don’t know if Travis is lurking tonight, but I’ll reassure you that this is a tshirt, not a flag. :slight_smile:

I like the vintage look.

Where is the cat? I don’t see a cat in the picture. Must be a misprint of some kind.

First sucker, me? Well, I guess it’s nice to be first at something.

I’m sure she had a cat!

The Ross family would like to talk to the shirt creator and Woot about a lawsuit for the use of the name…

Great design, but seeing S three time is a row looks weird.

For all the complainers.

Either are acceptable.

And if you still think of Ross’s as a mistake, look at it as being like a misprinted stamp or mis-struck coin. Someday it might become a collector’s item. (And if you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you.)

To add to the prior poster’s information, we had begun using the possessive apostrophe in the ('s) form prior even to Ross’s time, meaning that this would not have been incorrect then, either.

Here is a related passage from a grammarian’s book, circa 1772:

Great design, so well done. Big congrats!

You don’t need the “S” at the end. "Ross’ " is correct.

-the usage police-

Sew what?

Wrong. How would Ross’ even be pronounced? It is absolutely correct on the shirt. No different than if the name were Les or Charles. (Please tell me you would not write “Charles’ wife.”)

-an honest-to-goodness professional editor and college writing instructor-