Sextant 2009 Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Sextant 2009 Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
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Sextant 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
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Nice daily drinker. I previously purchased this same deal here for $8.00 more (before sales tax, but even with tax it’s still $3-$4 less). I drank a bottle one month ago and posted these notes to CT:

Dark cherries on the palate with creamy vanilla oak, medium body and moderate tannins. I detected only the slightest trace of secondary fermentation upon PnP, it seems to have mostly resolved itself in-bottle and this wine is drinking nicely right now.

This is a screaming deal. And I was doing so well with the whole not buying thing. May have to be in for 3…

Please no more fizzy cabs! I’m not in the mood for a faulted wine if I want bubbles I’ll buy a sparkler. Bring back the Woot Cellars Reboot!

I would not even have noticed any secondary fermentation if it hadn’t been brought up in the earlier CT notes. I only talked about it myself in order to ease any lingering concerns that others may have had. As mentioned, it seems to have resolved itself in the bottle.

IOW, it’s not fizzy. Anymore. :slight_smile:

They note it in the woot description too. Even if this has resolved itself in the bottle it means the wine was bottled to young. Maybe the qpr is there but I’m going to pass of it.

Also did the chemistry change for you? Did you note it as more acidic or hotter? Any RS taste left or did that all get converted?

Thanks for the notes though!

Since I didn’t drink any when it was younger, I can’t say how it changed - only that the 3 bottles I’ve gone through recently were not fizzy despite having a few bubbles.

I purchased this last time and also enjoyed it. I recall that it was a solid purchase and agree with your notes.

I’m not sure if I’ll purchase again though. As it is my 40 bottle rack is full and I have a 1.5 cases still in boxes. I know, I know…you feel bad for me. No worries, I’ll make it through this dilemma somehow. :wink:

Wine Enthusiast review:

For those of us who are lazy and dislike cutting and pasting into the URL…


No Maryland, no love.

Awesome! A flawed wine at a discount. Just what I have been waiting for. “Blah blah blah it was good, but I do not see myself getting more. Blames it on the cellar.”

So, you had some, didn’t like it, and won’t buy more. Just man up and say that. Oh wait, you have to save face with the wine woot gods. This is a killer QPR and you are all fools for not getting in on it! (Sound like the line you are supposed to tow?)

Wasn’t the Mirage one of Sextant’s lines as well?

I purchased this last time and just drank a bottle again last week.

All I taste with this wine is fizz. Its got some flavors buried beneath which have promise but I cannot get past the carbonation. I have no other way to describe it but it makes the wine taste bad, in my opinion. Bad as in it went bad, not that the flavor is bad.

If you enjoy a fizzy type of wine this review should be ignored as it is not about the flavor, body, etc.
If you do not enjoy fizzy wine I would suggest avoiding.
If you never had a fizzy wine please consider this when purchasing, it is a very different cab experience than what you may expect…

I actually really enjoyed this wine. It’s a fantastic QPR. The fizz goes away with some decanting if you don’t enjoy it. I shared a bottle of this with a friend and she actually really loved the fizz. You can’t go wrong with Sextant wines!

I went to check out and South Carolina is on the list but it won’t let me pay? Any thoughts on what to do?

Enjoy it or not, that is a flawed bottle. Market it as a sparkler or do not have fizz in a dry red cab. I decant the hell out of most of the wines I get on here, but come on. The bottles are bad, the wine was flawed, and there is no point in fancying up a turd. Garnish it with all the praise you feel obligated to, but it still smells like crap.

I mean, that is the elephant in the room. This is BAD wine. You can decant it, vinturi it, maybe even dump it into a wine barrel and age it more, but it is bad wine. Stop pretending elsewise. This is what woot has come to. Well that and blowing smoke up my ass about “winery samples” but hey, ya’ll.

is it toe the line or tow the line? I’m not really sure, but I always envisioned it as toe. I hate toes though, nasty malformed fingers. Completely useless for hanging from trees. Chimps have it all over people when it comes to trees.

Actually it is not the elephant in the room, it appears to be the skeleton in YOUR closet. We see/hear/read your opinion and we can make decisions for ourselves, no need to cram your opinions down the throats of others, no matter how strongly you may feel in one direction or another.