Sextant Paso Robles Cab Sauvignon (5)

Sextant Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 5-Pack
$74.99 $158.00 53% off List Price
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

Is there someone from the vineyard that I can PM?

Too bad there aren’t any good reviews of this wine, as is for their other wines. I would hold off on this one


Speaking of reviews… A bottle of this was on the table at a friends house.

Initial impression is that this is a good Cab Sauv, and at $15/bottle, decent QPR.

Ok, its a 2013 - its YOUNG. But its drinkable now, with mellow tannins. Not sure it has the structure to lay down for a decade, so drink it now and enjoy.

**Color - **nice clear dark garnet
Nose - lots of fruit, picking out blueberry and some roasted red bell pepper. Some noted that there might be a bit of alcohol and yeast on the nose. Odd, since its only a 13.something percent wine.
Taste - Entry is gentle, with mostly blueberry and a hint of something else in the middle. Not a lot of tannins, so we considered it would go well with a grilled meat, but nothing too strong or sauce-y.
Finish - Fruit maintains in the mouth, with a middle finish. Middle as in middle of the tongue, not the back of the tongue.

As I said, a decent QPR. If I didn’t have club shipments coming in, and another 400+ bottles in my cellar, I might have to buy some.

Oh, wait! I can’t! I live in Virginia!! Stupid paid off state congress people.

NOTE - specs say 14.5 on alcohol, but I was sure my notes said 13 something from the bottle. Then again, we were drinking a lot of another special wine, so maybe I misheard the person reading the label.

No Virginia…Bummer. I’ve been to Sextant. Nice place. I used their stuff at a Zin/Primativo class I did recently.

I’m always up for a good Paso cab. I live in FL where it’s still hot, any idea if they can hold the shipment until Dec/Jan? Just had a bad experience where all the wine I received was hot and cooked upon arrival and would like to avoid this from happening again.


2013 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

Opened and let sit for about an hour and a half, kind of remembering the 2009 that was offered in 2013 woot off was “fizzy”.

Nice bouquet, medium legs, deep red in color. 1st drink was a nice dry taste, a bit “frutie” detected a slight blackberry flavor. Although some reviews mentioned it I detected no vanilla in the background.

For some reason I’m not a big Paso Robles fan, to me they are a little “weak”, I guess I’m spoiled by the Northern California Cab.’s, that are much more “robust”

Alcohol content a bit higher than many Cab’s and my son-in-law felt the effects early on. Brought the bottle to Kansas City and let my son in law try, he liked it a lot.

On their site listed at $25, saw this on the net for $20. Me? I would place it right where it is at about the $15 range. Doesn’t knock my socks off, but still a very nice bottle of wine.

Thanks for the notes guys. I dropped them into ct.

Tennessee is not listed as a state that this wine can be shipped to, but looking at the Woots by State map, it’s showing TN as very active. What’s the deal…?

It should be on the list. You can order. I’ll ask for an update to the list.

I had a bottle of this recently and I thought it was very good especially at this price point. Beautiful garnet color and it is very fruit forward if you like that style of wine. It was very lively with good balance. A friend defined it as “Spritely Cherry”. Alas, I am also in the VA dead zone on this one.

I remember this being way more distracting than I thought it would be. Sadly, this is all I remember about the wine. I’m assuming this vintage does not have the same issue?

Nope, no fizz in this bottle, smooth with no bite


I’ll just pop in to say that I tried this wine with hershelk. The taste that I had was one of the first pours. I really liked it a lot. I would add that one of our friends mentioned that she noticed a bit of frizzante in her glass. I tasted hers and did notice it, but it was not present in my glass. It’s not a top notch cab, but an easy drinker. I agree with fredrinaldi that the woot price is just about right.

Great notes everyone. Mucho appreciated. :slight_smile:

I bought this a previous time it was offered (might have been the prior year’s vintage, I’d have to look) but wasn’t particularly impressed. I didn’t think it was a good value.