Sextant Wines 10knots 2010 Viognier (4)

Sextant Wines 10knots 2010 Viognier 4-Pack
2010 10knots Viognier White Rhône Varietal Blend
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Grr, just randomly checking my email before bed and the little wootalyzer pops up. I find it hard to pass a viognier, and the Sextant Zin was quite nice. At this price (and with, ahem, free shipping), I now officially have way too much wine.

The Isaac track better not shift any more westerly, or I’ll be evacuating wine. Along with everything else.

Glad it was just a 4 pack. Saw a bacon coffin aka bag of crap on the other site. Was a Kennedy involved in Mass? Nite nite.

Allegedly according to science, the cure for a hangover is… a bacon sandwich.

How odd that I would happen to find that in the last hour of the bacon Woot-Off.