Sextant Wines 10knots 2010 Viognier

Sextant Wines 10knots 2010 Viognier
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PRODUCT: 4 2010 10knots Viognier
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Viognier a great wine for blending with other wines, but I have yet to have one that is able to stand on its own. pass.

I want… so badly… I was really hoping this wasn’t shipped to VA so I wouldn’t have this checking account dilemma.

Sounds like you want a blend - this is a blend.

Giggles at name (It’s incredible how certain things are amusing to me when I’m still waking up…)

I passes on this last time, I owe it to Neil to get it this time and try it. In for one.

As noted, this is a blend.
However, the 100 percent Viognier by Kunde is a fantastic white.

…awaiting your tasting notes… :slight_smile:

Our summer patio wine is Conundrum. This might be a good substitute, at half the cost. Good reviews from wooters…gotta try it.

I’ve enjoyed the J Vineyards Hoot Owl Viognier offered on Woot in the past.

While I might tend to agree, I also note this is a blend that also includes 12% Roussanne, 9% Marsanne, and 3% Grenache Blanc and has a profile and aging that looks quite appealing. With that, way over budget and out of space, I’ll take a flyer on this:
Last Wooter To Woot: rjquillin

Where are the non-wine items? Is this wine wootoff blowing those off?

In for 2. Sounds like a nice spring wine for the back porch.

This is only the fourth item up… patience is key. (Not that I know either way) :-/

Loved the last Sextant we had from here, and need some white. This is going to be a pricy woot off.

My sentiments exactly!

Mmm Honeymoon viognier is fabulous (trader joes brand). Beautiful honeysuckle nose. Haven’t had any others. If it is typical then this offering will be a great find!

Exactly what I was thinking as well. The blend sounds amazing for sipping outdoors. Adding it to the rotation.

Given. Generally (aside from specific, themed wine wootoffs like last Friday’s) the non-wine items alternate with the wines, so I’m hoping that pattern isn’t thrown too far off.

But for once a non-wine item that I want didn’t appear while I was asleep, so to the extent the pattern’s different this time, that’s a bit of a consolation.