Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel - 6 Pack

Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel
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Wow, no North Carolina? Not use to that.

Cmon wine.woot! Put a Kosher wine up for sale! With the high holidays coming up, it’d be great to stock up on a Kosher wine!

With no woots in the past year, would you buy it if they had it? Just curious…

I feel your pain. Last 2 wines no delivery to Kansas, I wasn’t interested in the Chard, but I do love me some Zinfandel…Wineries, we have a lot of wine fans here in the midwest!

Just because you dont see posts doesnt mean I havent bought anything here. And since you are curious, I have 15 purchases over the last year or so on wine.woot.

Wow, I’m trigger happy and defensive I guess. That comment wasn’t aimed at me was it? Ha.

I bought this in the previous offering. Good juice at a good price. Nothing extraordinary, but if you like a glass with your pizza or burger, this is it.

How about a review from past purchasers?..

Yes, I would.

Has anyone tried these? If so, what did you think? I wooted the Cab Mix yesterday, and this looks promising as well.

Thanks in advance.

Wow! That was quick. You answered me before I asked… Any tasting specifics?


Tasting specifics, hmm. There were a bunch of lab rat posts in the previous offering. I agree with the one who said it didn’t taste “zin-ny” like a fruit-bomb zin - the berry is a little subdued, more like merlot. I didn’t take any notes, but I was thinking about trying to check out some of the other Sextant wines - this is their “everyday” as opposed to more premium zin, and I like this one enough to be intrigued about their others.

With no purchases in your history… I guess you didn’t care for the other kosher offerings then?

Why is shipping still 7 bucks???

could not resist! I am in for one!

Nope, wasn’t after you one bit :O). I just sometimes get frustrated with noobs who lurk, don’t buy anything then criticize the great job that WD and company do. Meanwhile, enjoy your wine.woot purchases and feel free to be trigger happy any time. Ha in return!

Example: Texas just had its 100th day with triple digit temps.

Glad I didn’t pull the trigger…

1869 is on Lot18 for $25 a bottle…

Unless the woot-off brings something special later I guess I won’t get anything this time.

But I WANT to buy something so surprise me!