Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel - 6 Pack

Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel - 6 Pack
$62.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel
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Is this stuff any good? Oh what the hell, in for one. Zin is the lady’s favorite varietal…

I thought this was that Emery Estate Unbridled Cab that was offered a few months ago at first, but I soon realized that it wasn’t. I then realized I was acting like a giddy young school girl over the wrong wine…epic fail

Hey, if any of you guys are looking to be helpful, there’s some people asking questions about white vs red wine glasses and some other questions on the Home product thread right now (the wine glasses).

still?! I thought someone just straightened them out!

I just bought this recently and it’s a nice wine after it opens up. I don’t speak “wine” but it’s really hot(?) when first opening. Needs air I think. If you can decant or send through vinturi then it’s nice. If you hope to pop and pour you might want to think twice. I’ve had 2 of my 6 and they were both the same. Much better on day 2.

In for 1 - hoping these are as nice as the last Sextant offering ('09 Cab), which turned out to be a nice daily drinker.

Meant to aqdd - ditto on the ‘hot’ comment’ I run the first glass or two out of the bottle twice through a Vinturi, or decant and let sit for an hour or so (I’m generally not that patient, though!).

I have bought their Zin before - very good value, enjoyable!

This was a fan favorite here at the office - fruit-forward and a nice daily drinker. In for another half-case!

Beyond The Rack recently had a 4 pack of 2 zin / 2 cab 2009 for 39.99 a couple weeks back. Not sure about the year difference but about the same price, if a little cheaper.

Thought about getting it then but didn’t jump on it. Might have to this time since we like zin

Current sale? I don’t see you posted there.

Someone is also asking about a bottle of 2003 Merlot he found.

I wasn’t referring to myself in that post, and I should have worded that differently. I meant I thought someone else had just commented on it, but I see now is misread it!

I was wondering where all wine people suddenly came from!

Heh, just trying to help out the crowd and y’all are the experts.

A good wine, got three left from last wine woot off, not much new stuff this time around, my credit card and wife thanks woot off for the recycled deals.

It was a good idea.

This is a really good wine for the price. One of my favorites in this price range. Can’t wait for it to get here…