Sfoglini Artisanal Pasta Sampler (6)

Sfoglini Artisinal Pasta 6-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$34.99 $54.00 35% off List Price
Sfoglini Organic Semolina Radiators, 16 Oz.
Sfoglini Rye Trumpets, 16 Oz.
Sfoglini Saffron Malloreddus, 16 Oz.
Sfoglini Beet Fusilli, 16 Oz.
Sfoglini Whole Grain Blend Reginetti, 12 Oz.
Sfoglini Organic Semolina Zucca, 16 Oz.

Nothing like six $2.00 boxes of pasta for $34.00. LOL Are people actually buying these food items they have for sale everyday? I see an offer and think that’s outrageous and then they have another item that tops it. $20.00 cheese puff, $50 chocolate bunnies.

Unit Price = $5.83/lb

FWIW, the cheese puffs offered were made of cheese, versus regular cheese puffs that are made of corn.
Same thing here. Rye pasta? Beet pasta? Saffron pasta? Where do you find these normally? I have no idea if these are good tasting or better for you, but they are different than what you find at the local market.

Those Cheese Puffs I think was like six 1.46oz bags. I don’t care if the cheese was blessed by the Pope it wasn’t worth $20.00.

Yeah, were do you find those. Mother’s father was born in Italy. Store bought paste is all my mother ever used and 6 boxes didn’t cost $34.00.

I buy this brand, Been buying it for about 3 years maybe 4. is it expensive yes. Is it worth it. You have to try it then you tell me. Like I said, Been buying it for 4 years so that should tell you the answer if it is worth it. if you want to save buy it on amazon with 5 items using subscribe and save so you get 15% off

I used to work at a high end Italian restaurant where one date night for two would typically set you back about $150 for food. The owner was a very eccentric OCD individual and even his pasta didn’t cost that much. He used to always make his own, but then sales reps talked him into trying various kinds of pasta and the stuff we used was more in line with $2 to $3 for a one pound box of pasta. Key to good pasta has more to do with how you cook, prepare and treat the pasta, more so then how expensive it is.

Need to update - the reginetti is only a 12 oz box according to the picture of the box.

Thanks for the call out. It is in fact 12 oz as pictured the reginetti and we have updated the listing.

I have two young children who won’t eat pasta that isn’t yellow, long and skinny so I am not going to purchase. That being said I could definitely see purchasing it for some special occasion, unlike most things on gourmet. 46 bucks for 6 2 ounce chocolate bars really?

I LOVE this pasta! Plated uses them for their pasta dishes, and I fell in love with Sfoglini. This is a good price for really fine pasta, if you are into that sort of thing.

Still says 16 Oz in the description for Reginetti. Corrected only in one place.

Fixed again! Thank you

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Nuff said about the overpriced stuff they sell here.

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To you and others it may be overpriced while to me and others it is a reasonable price for something different and of better quality ingredients than what you find in the typical grocers pasta isle. I personally enjoy entertaining friends and family with dinners that are different than standard every day food that everyone cooks up.
The same can be said for the wine that used to be sold here and is now over at casemates, some nights it’s a $12 bottle some nights it’s a $70 bottle. Life is meant to enjoy, give it a try.

What he said

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