Shadow Canyon 2005 Syrah - 3 Pack

For what it’s worth, Parker’s 2007 review suggests it has another 3 to 5 years from now.

I am really frightened by WD’s lack of concern for my lack of self control and my rapidly diminishing wallet.

Another great offer! Great juice and they make some great Grenache.

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I figured as much, hence the ellipses. We’re all friends man, sorry to make things tense.

It looks like Parker gave this a score of 90-93 points. What would his reasoning be for giving a range instaed of a specific number? Is this due to variations during tasting from the barrels? Or is it bottle variation?

Is the oak used all new?

Yup, there goes my $51 allowance… again.

I did a double-take on your post. Having the words “used” and “new” so close together messed with my brain.

I do love Paso Syrah, this will be hard to resist.

And I did so good all week.

I want to buy this so badly but I’m moving to a much smaller place, my wine fridge is full, I have wine stashed in my walk-in closet (one of which I will not have in my new place), and so I don’t know where I’d be able to store this. Gah. I think the only thing that is saving my butt is that I THINK 2006 was a better year but I may be confusing CA and WA.

You might notice that there are two reviews from Parker, the first of which has a range of 90-93 and the most recent gives a 90. Generally, a range is given when the tasting and review is conducted before the final product is released, and the critic is sampling either the individual varietals to be in the final blend or the blend before being in oak, aged, etc.

Blame the woot filter. Autochanged “l_me attempt” to “harshing my mellow attempt”

Odd, but there are some possibilities: (1) the wine was kept in a garage and alternately froze and baked, reducing the quality, (2) it ages really badly, or (3) after 15 months of drinking good wine, the reviewer’s standards went up, so rating went down…

Yo, kyle… why don’cha jus’ stick with the twisties?.. then you don’t have to worry 'bout the wax…

Why is this the bottle shaped like this? I really like the sophisticated look.

It seems to be slightly tapered from shoulder to bottom, with a more dramatic slope up to the neck.

What is the best way to get the wax capsule off? I’ve tried a flat screwdriver to try to tap the wax off & tried putting the corkscrew right through the wax. Neither worked too well…

You are correct except I think (I could be wrong) that normally, what the range critiques reflect is a barrel sample. The blend has been made and is currently in oak, but the oak treatment has not yet been completed. Consequently, the wine has not had any bottle age either.

Wax on… wax off…

This is what I thought.

I would buy Stelvin enclosures all day long if they were offered to me!

The winery website does not list a 2006 vintage for this one. It is also missing from CT. Anyone have any idea if they made a 2006 Syrah?