Shadow Canyon Late Harvest Pinot Blanc - Two Pack

Shadow Canyon Late Harvest Pinot Blanc - Two Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Dessert, 375ml
product: 22004 375ml Shadow Canyon Late Harvest Pinot Blanc

Link above to CT. Nice Christmas present, WD!

Winery website and product link

Man!! I love late harvests. I’m really, really tempted. I’ll wait for the google doc to convince me :stuck_out_tongue:

How good is this deal?

You must start off by considering that Shadow Canyon requires a minimum six-bottle purchase on all orders via their website; so you cannot get this same offer directly through them. Then factor in the cost savings on a per bottle basis (click the link about for full details). The discount rate on this one is a little less than normal, but your out of pocket is going to be MUCH less than if you ordered direct (unless you order three sets from woot).

Love the late harvests. I’m in for 1.

I’ve got orders processing for all 3 woot sites. I’m going to bed and will find out in the morning if any or all of them went through. LOL

Merry Christmas!

This looks like one that’s too good to pass up. :slight_smile:

I supposedly ordered, but it’s not showing up in my account. :puzzled look:

Boo. I was hoping for a little better discount than that. Hrm. Thanks, as always, for the spreadsheet.

well would order but can’t KY isn’t listed as a state they can ship to but I dont know why… this article was just one news site earlier …

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A federal appeals court has ruled that Kentucky must allow out-of-state wine shipments into Kentucky even
if a customer makes the purchase online or over the phone.

ohhh well hopefully soon WOOT will start shipping wine to KY

That’s just because most of the Vol Mods are “special” to begin with.

On topic, I wants to orders this, but I has manys ports and desserts wines in the cellars. Anyone gots any kind words about late-harvest Pinot Blanc[s]?

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GA is listed as a ship to state on the winery website. Can you add GA to Woot’s?

Darn, can’t ever seem to get the Random Krap.

Wine David: I’m in for one, but the order stil hasn’t processed (never taken this long). Thats no big deal, but I am home for the holidays and can NOT lab rat this week. So please take me out of the running (that hurts to say).


There tasting room is literally two blocks from where i live. Too bad tomorrow is christmas and the tasting room is closed otherwise i would be doing my own ratting.

There wine is ok, I am not in love with it, but i don’t hate it. I would stay away from there pinot noir though, everything else i had was worth drinking, and they have a nice rose, which is usually something i avoid.

Whoo Hoo!!! My first First Sucker!!!

And now, to more important items …

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Doubt there will be labrats this week, as tomorrow (well, today for Central & East Coast) is a holiday.

Don’t forget to make sure your CT listing shows it as 375ml when you add it. It defaults to 750ml …

Uh… Manfred gave them tips on how to make the wine/cultivate the vines? ? I’m so in!? Some of the very best stickies I’ve ever had outside of Sauternes is from Manfred!

Yeah, I doubt it too. Just threw that in, in the off chance there are.

Congrats on the half week of fame.

Although, WD might have thrown one in with the labrats for the Clos wines. So we might see them posting if he did …

Thanks. I figured everyone would be waiting on the B O C, so jumped over in another tab. Took forever to process, so didn’t think I had a chance.

No GA yet? Others might be interested?