Shadow Canyon Late Harvest Pinot Blanc - Two Pack

anyone know anything about this wine?

I liked the 2004 version, I wonder how this compares?

still have two more bottles of esoterica to go through. Going to have to pass.

I bet this would be some awesome dessert wine. Too bad I got 3x of the Esoterica offerering last wine.woot off

How does is compare to the esoterica? I stil have 2 bottles of that left.

The prior version offered on this site was pure deliciousness. I can’t remember my tasting notes off hand, but recall this was well-liked at the wine tasting when we broke it out.

I will probably be in for this once I get permission from the wifey-pooh. :slight_smile:

It’s a botrytis late harvest wine, so it’ll be sweet. Great dessert wine. See some of the previous discussion here. The wine maker said the 2004 was one of the best, so I’m curious how the 2005 compares.

Wine Enthusiast (Dec 2004)
Shadow Canyon 2002 Paeonia Late Harvest Pinot Blanc - ( 94/100 points)

This sweetie is totally decadent. It’s not only the residual sugar, which is a mind-blowing 28 percent. It’s the wealth apricot, jam, vanilla wild honey and cinnamon spice flavors that blast the palate to ecstasy. Has a syrupy, liqueur-like texture that would be cloying were it not for the excellent acidity. This is one of the best dessert wines of the year.

For the 2002 but still informative

Buy #2 in the Wine.Woot Off… This is getting crazy.

still have 8 of the esoterica left and some d’yquem. not sure if it’s worth going long more dessert wine at the moment, but considering it

Here’s the prior offer.

How about a little sake, oh Woot Gods.

That sounds real sad. Take charge of that card, your a man after all!

I do too. In fact, I just finally got my 3 bottles of Esoterica this week. They were killing me with the wait!

This has to be a first - Woot’s higher than the winery. The price on the winery’s website is $20/bottle. Shipping to CT for 6 is $22, so a half case would be $142 from the winery and $155 from Woot.

What’s up with that?

well, the great thing is it ages forever, so it’s not like it’ll go bad! :slight_smile:

kent wasn’t kidding when he said three bottles of Esoterica for $39.99 (+ $5 shipping) wasn’t too high priced. i should have bought more.

hmmm wow that seems really sweet.

This shouldn’t be much like Esoterica, as I don’t believe Esoterica is made from botrytis grapes.