Shadow Canyon Paeonia Late Harvest Pinot Blanc Dessert Wine - 3 Pack

Shadow Canyon Paeonia Late Harvest Pinot Blanc Dessert Wine - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2005 Shadow Canyon Paeonia Late Harvest Pinot Blanc Dessert Wine (375ml)
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Previous offer:

I assume these are half-bottles?

Anyone had this from the last offer? I like a good white dessert wine, so I’m interested to see how this is, especially for the price.

What a coincidence. I was planning on opening one of these today.

Yes. 375ml bottles they are.

Woah… bought this back in 2008 and it was a 2 pack for $49.99 - this is a 3 pack for $44.99?!

How does the 2005 vintage differ from the 2004? I loved the 2004 and still have one bottle. I think this may be the purchase that makes me go black and a great turkey day present for myself.

I believe that this offering is a different vintage.

Is this wine characteristic of the “noble rot”, or botrytis-effected grapes?..

Never said it was the same vintage. I always link previous winery offerings.

One quick question guys: why do they “strongly recommend” shipping to a business address?


Love the last wooter on the Corison. Must have finally made up his/her mind.

Isn’t the CT link wrong? This is the 2005 vintage, not the 2009.

Yuh, I was about to point that out as well.

The main page says 2009 and 2005. I’m going to assume it’s 2005 and fix the link.

Yes, this is definitely a boyritis wine. I suggest reading some of the previous discussion as the winemaker answered a lot of questions and was very informative last time around.

It’s a fair cop.

Previous offering (2005):

Wow, why do I remember nothing about the previous offering, nor posting in that thread. I must have been drunk on wine… nice to see this is a better deal, though.

That was a woot-off.

I live in AZ - Would this dessert wine also be a good desert wine?..

I believe it’s mostly because the package needs to be signed for by someone over 21.