Shadow Wolf

This redefines the wolf pack shirt genre.


wait, what?

Something about the circle in the background makes me think… Shadow, shadow, shadow wolf! Hoooo!

Edit: ha ha ha, Bluetuba and me are on the same wavelength.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

3 long days of genuinely creepy writeups - it’s not even Halloween yet, Woot!

ha! Shouldn’t the circle have been silver though, reflecting the influence of moonlight?

For future reference.

Nailed it.

American werewolf in London was well done. Great transformation scene.

This looks uncannily like the thundercats logo from afar. Haha!

The best shadow puppet video I’ve seen.


This is like a rorschach test gone wrong.

If only there were three wolves…

wiggles eyebrows

I’m a little concerned about the lack of ears…

That wolf has a heckuva adam’s apple!

shirt blocked by ad

It sounds like the narrator of this write-up may be suffering from alien hand syndrome, although these symptoms are somewhat… unusual. Perhaps this is a heretofore undiagnosed subtype, “lupine hand syndrome”?