Shadows Grommet Window Panel - Set of 2 - 6 Colors

Solid deal as is currently selling the silver version for 33.62

sorry for the long link, woot! is not liking my link today[]=10388499&gclid=CNang5m3pLkCFag9QgodaD0Aeg

does anybody know if this comes with the rod where you can hang it from?

[MOD: Rod not included]

Will two inch grommets work on a two inch rod?

Click the specs tab at the right side of the description page and you will find:
" in the box":
(1) Shadows Grommet Window Panel Set of 2
so NO… I would say just the panels

so does this cover one window or two? “set of 2” means two halfs, or two window treatments?

84 inches! Why so long??? Does my house have abnormally short windows? Seems like every time I find a deal on curtain panels, they are way too long.

Answers to questions:

The rod is not included.

You get two panels. You want about 1.5 to 3 times your window’s width to allow for a nice fullness.

84" is the considered floor length. The rod should be about 4" above your window. Depending on your window and the measurement to the floor, you may need to adjust this.

…Or you can just hem them up. Sewing really isn’t that hard, it’s a straight seam.

Will these actually be anywhere near the colors shown in the pictures? Just asking because of recent history…

Word from on high is that the colors are true. We can’t vouch for the settings on your monitor of course. :tongue:

Can we see the other colors???

They’re in the photo gallery on the sale’s detail page.

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to “making my house a home” and recently invested in some pricey curtains that are 96" long. Some of my other curtains are 84". I too have thought that these were absurdly long lengths for curtains until I did some research.

Professional decorators recommend hanging curtains high and wide. In the past, I have always mounted the rod, at the most, 4" above the top of the window frame. Now they are 8" - 12" and what a difference it has made! I thought I would hate it, but our rooms seem so much more put together and stylish now.

In the end it’s all a matter of personal preference, and you should do whatever you like, but I personally am never going back to the old way again!



Here’s my living room. I am realizing that I need to invest in a thicker rod to balance the scale and weight of these window treatments:


Ha! Would also help if I would have maximized my screen :slight_smile: sorry for the numscull post …

Be smarter than me and think twice (or thrice) before buying curtains unseen that you can’t return.

I really wish selling stuff on Craigslist wasn’t such a PITA. Ugh, $100 worth that will probably just go to Goodwill some day.

looking really nice!

I wonder if I should go with sheer window panels or not???

I just hung my real wood blinds and they look great. Nearly match the color of the hard wood floor and with the light “color” on the walls (NOT white walls) the blinds really stand out!

I think I would have to see the sheers & be able to return them before purchasing!

… but highly recommend real wood blinds! They add so much to a room and are much easier to take care of - clean, manipulate (the new kind don’t have each panel sewn to each other) etc!

I was surprised at the good price places like Lowes and Home Depot have when on sale!

I was given a set of finials and two inch rods as a gift. The rods are exactly two inches in diameter. Will these grommets slip over them and move freely?