Shaker 5-Piece Dining Set

Oooo, solid wood. This isn’t your usual flat-pack furniture grade stuff.


I really don’t trust myself to put this together in a way that doesn’t land me on my butt covered in red sauce a few months from now.

If only it came in white! Set looks gorgeous - wish I could buy.

I’ll need one of these in May. Can you put it back up in May?

$199.00 at WalMart

$259.99 with free shipping @ Amazon. Mixed reviews.

Reviews and a Higher Price at Overstock

Wow this is the really cool stuff woot sells that kind of takes you by surprise. This seems to be a really good quality set and I would buy this if I was already moved into my new place. Anyways… Double checking my links this time ahem, It would appear Amazon has these for 259.00

Reading the reviews it seems like the chairs take a little time and patience to assemble, but other than that this looks like a great product!

Its hard to tell from the picture, but it looks far too small for us fluffy folks. I’d practically be claustrophobic.

Made by actual Shakers?

Sure, in the same way Quaker Oats is made by Quakers.

I have this set… Nice for starters, but even living alone its not very sturdy or well built. Looks nice for a table and chair set. Chairs scratch and chip easily… That said, Its worth 195.00

some assembly required…

Oh come on! We’re women of the 21st century! I had to correct the guy at Home Depot on the type of teeth needed for the hole saw I was buying yesterday!

If this is really rubberwood, it is a good thing. Much Chinese hardwood furniture (e.g. teak garden benches) has been made from old-growth tropical forests in Southeast Asia, chainsawed for sale to Chinese entrepreneurs. Rubberwood is from plantation rubber trees that are at the end of their latex-producing cycle, and would otherwise be burned.

These also look very uncomfortable. Can you comment on how your derriere holds up after long sittings?

It’s not that I can’t… so much as the way stuff like this is built. It’s not made to take a normal beating. I assemble all our stuff like this and now use wood glue to help the allen screws hold it all together!

(I hear ya, I worked at auto dealerships for years and parts stores before that!)

Heh, I did the wood glue thing to the cabinet I assembled a few months back. That thing ain’t budging.

some of you are. some are scared to make the change.

I can’t speak from personal experience but I just went through ~40 reviews on 4 different sites using key words and the end score was:

Comfort(able,ably,comfy): 8
Uncomfortable, hurt, pain(ful): 0

Edit: It really just seems like the biggest complaints are in the assembly of the chairs, that they chip easily and the table is usually just ‘a little bit smaller than expected’
Avoid that by doing some quick measurements in your dining area.

Just add a Chair Cushion and your derriere won’t feel the wear.