Shakespeare's Pencils

Thanks! What a pleasant surprise. I really didn’t think this one would print.

This shirt represents a conundrum of epic proportions.

Print or not print? That is the question.

Yay! I’m so happy this got printed.

Pencil me in for one!

For those who may be less aware, a 2B pencil is typically used for drawing. A #2 is not.

Congrats on the print, Robert!

To buy or not to buy?

Flip a coin. Heads, you buy. Tails, you buy.

Sharp ; )

Hmmm,it very closely resembles my post over at Deviant Art. A bit of parallel thinking I suppose.

Never the less, I am a pencil artist and therefore in for one.

I know Shakespeare would have used a pen, but given the choice, he would probably gone for Pencil #2(b)

Pencil geeks please correct me! I always thought a #2 pencil WAS 2B, not 2H…? did my mother lie to me as a child!!! NOooOOooo okay maybe she did or she just didn’t know…

A #2 pencil is probably HB. Two completely unrelated labelling systems.

That’s exactly what I thought as well. Apparently, though, sarahat below is right when she says that the HB scale and the numbers-only scale are independent.

Love it, love it, love it! Instant buy!

Took a risk on an Anvil shirt that probably won’t fit me, because I HAVE TO HAVE THIS (and, also, I have a sewing machine, sew …).

(See what I did there? Yeah.)

congrats! it would make a great journal on the Shakespearean side sale hint hint woot :slight_smile:

I believe the correct terminology is “pencil NECKED geeks”. :slight_smile:

Yes, I cotton to what you’re doing with this thread …

Puns aside, here are some relevant links: