Shame on your greed.

I’m offended by how woot! didn’t put at circumflex (^) above the O in “Côte d’Ivoire” on the most recent blog.

I’m not from the Ivory Coast, but I do speak French, and using the ALT+0244 shortcut to make the proper O.

Just kidding. But fix it.

I’ve tried all different ways to do this and haven’t achieved it yet. Walk me through it step by step, please.

Hold down the ALT key and then type 0244 on your numeric keypad. Let go of the alt key and you’ll see the ô

Why only the numeric keypad?

I dunno but that’s the way it has always worked…

You might speak French, but you sure look Polish to me…

[quote user="daj59

Hold down the ALT key and then type 0244 on your numeric keypad. Let go of the alt key and you’ll see the ô


ô ô :arrow_up_down: ▲ 9 7 " ⌠ · φ ▲ 9 Ñ :slight_smile: ◙ ← º

Just seeing what some other numbers will do. Is there a code somewhere to tell you?

I think these are hexadecimal codes for characters . . .

Was afraid you would ask that…

There’s a program in Windows that will let you see the character map for any font. It’s called… Character Map. You may find it in START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES.


If it’s not there, you can find it by START > RUN and then typing charmap and pressing enter.

Or, you can use Windows Explorer (not IE) and go to MY COMPUTER > C: Drive, then to the WINDOWS directory, then SYSTEM32 and look for CHARMAP.EXE. Right click on this and select either
…Create Shortcut to create an icon for it on your desktop
…Pin to Start Menu to attach it to your Start Menu to find it easier

I keep it on my desktop because it’s handy to find all the fun bullets and stuff in the WingDing fonts and others.

For those characters that have an ALT+ code, you’ll see it displayed in the lower right corner of the Character Map dialog box. Not all of them have it. However, Character Map lets you copy and paste all the characters.

From the start menu go to Programs then Accessories then System Tools and there
should be a listing for “Character Map”. Click on “Character Map” and it will show you
the different characters.

How nifty. And different ones for different fonts, too.

Yup. It’s handy when you need a ñ for jalapeño.



Er, what does this have to do with greed, anyway?



Woot is too greedy to share their supply of ô characters.

and to think I was worried that I was misunderstanding something obvious.

I don’t know what the hell the purpose of this thread or the first post was. Just a gripe
over something that only a Frenchman would care about.