Shamelessly Validate Your Inner Child

That monkey blanket with sleeves? Not as bad as you think it is. Really.

Who’s shopping early for the holidays here?

How does someone go to the trouble of looking up the full name of the title character of this iconic movie, and still spell his name wrong? It’s “Citizen Kane”. (Yeah, the one directed by Irsin Welles. :wink:)

You might have been thinking of the movie with the copycat title, “Citizen Cane”, wherein people on the streets of Singapore are punished for gum-chewing.

Irsin Welles? lol
How the hell did those damn blankets sell out so fast. I need to adjust my schedule more to woots.

I came wanting the giant bean bag chair…

I know…me too

I take it the stuff in the photo isn’t pictured to scale, right? Because that plush angry bird guy isn’t four inches in diameter in any world I know.

Yeah, I was hoping for jumbo-sized Angry birds. The picture makes it look like it’s 3 feet in diameter or something.

I’d love a giant sized Angry Birds bean bag chair!

I saw that bird and was hoping it was a giant sized one as well but I saw that 5 dollars and knew it couldn’t be.

Worried about the carbonated steel on the trike.Think it’ll fizz up on me if I take it on a bumpy ride?

Just leave it out for a day or two and the carbonation will go flat.

Just don’t ride while eating Mentos.

Dang!! Can’t believe I missed out on the $1 snuggie!