ShamWow! – 16 Pack

woot-who. wake me up when it’s over.

WOW - what a sham…

who died Vince?

How much blood can these absorb?

Can’t buy these unless Vince is here to sell them. If I buy this, do I get a free slap-chop?

You won’t fall in love with these – they work about as well as paper towels.

Not a bad buy but nothing to get excited about

sweet seems like there arent many of these this time

Useful. Guess what, so are PAPER TOWELS.

Wrong. Good price. Good product. In for 2.

Do not work as advertised - you all can have mine!

In truth, they are very nice to have around, but if you wash them in the machine with soap OR fabric softener… they lose their absorbency… hmmmmm…

Man I got 3 of these, I love my sham-wows, I have a kitchen set, car set, and all around set. Saves my so much money. Sham-Economical!

I don’t think he died… just got arrested.


sold out but site not updating…BoC must be next

yeah it’s over

I hear these are great for drying hair.

So if these are super absorbant, to wash them, would I have to set the load as large since it will absorb everything?

Oh my god … WTF
these suxs monkey balls … Geeez … how mny do they have ???
Walmart is so much cheaper !!!

We sell this same amount at bed bath and beyond for 6.99! No shipping or handling… Depends if one is close or not if that is a deal!