ShamWow! 16-Pack

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ShamWow! 16-Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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They’ll make you say WOW!

How can you afford NOT to buy this???

Don’t these turn rock hard after a couple months of use?

Given my name, I may have to buy this.

apparently they make you want to go out and slap hookers too!

For only 3 easy payments of $3.33! I wish it came with the Graty.

But wait, order now, and Woot will double your order!

The name is half right. Sham!

I’ll buy 3 if it comes with the headset…

Bought them last time on woot… meh…

They come from Germany so you know they’re good.

Wow! all your friends with your fabulous new ShamWows!

Ohs noes…that might be my 100th woot…and I wasted it on ShamWow.

Dog drying…read too many dog-drying kudos and had to buy.

Can start by cleaning up this messy Woot-Off.

Buy them to help headset Vince fight scientology!

Hitler came from Germany… just sayin’.

They will make you say WOW! everytime.

averaging about 40 min per item since this time yesterday… all i need is a new set of motorola s9 headphones. my last years woot ones just died…

come on moto…!!!