ShamWow! 8-Pack

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ShamWow! 8-Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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this’ll really clean things up

You know the Germans make good stuff!

Car wash weekend… in for 3!

Need these to clean up after using the sex cards.

“Are ya gettin’ this camera guy?”

Hey, this is Vince, from ShamWow!


For when things get messy… (previous woot)

Clean up after using the question cards???

These things are great to dry off my dog after he’s been outside in the rain. He still smells like wet dog but he’s not dripping all over the rug. In for 3.


had to get one

what time does the woot off usually end… ?

Yea, Hitler did!!

Don’t worry… they’ll come on the rainiest day of the month, just for you.

The real commercial.

What? To wash my monkey?

that I don’t even fucking have yet?

If it did tonight it would be in roughly 30 minutes.

If they throw in Vince & the Hooker I’m in for three!