Shannon Ridge Single Vineyard Barbera (4)

Shannon Ridge Single Vineyard Barbera 4-Pack
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2012 Single Vineyard Collection Barbera, Betsy Vineyard, High Valley, Lake County

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Grape Debater notes

2012 Shannon Ridge Barbera, Betsy Vineyard, Lake County

Shared with SWMBO. Did not look up any specs, tasting notes, or SRP prior to tasting. Keeps it real IMO

Color: me. Ruby red. She agrees. Finally agree on something! Pretty thick legs down the side of our glasses

Clarity: translucent red. Not cloudy.

Nose: somewhat muted. Getting cherries, hints of cocoa dust, all spice

Bright cherry, light cocoa, like a cherry cordial according to HER. Not tannic at all. I would say neutral oak treat treatment For the most part. Goes down easy but the alcohol overpowers the fruit and flavors (but not overly so). Am guessing 14.5. She did not say. Light and bright on its feet. Acidity in check but It’s more of a stand alone than a food wine. Paired with turkey spaghetti and did not enhance but didn’t clash either.

Overall: alcohol present at the end. New World style. Would please most Cali drinkers, I think. She guessed winery price at $28. Me: $30. In all honesty the alcohol was a bit too much for me since I favor low alcohol/food friendly wines lately- but that changes periodically. Not complex and dare I say lacking personality but I am sure it’s what winery was after. Enjoyable for what it is: Fruit forward, easy going, red wine from Cali. Kinda like a Jason Statham movie: good, not great. Serviceable but not something I’d watch again.

On a final note, she really liked it.

Not a QPR at SRP but would be at $16-$18 delivered.

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This is the 2012 Shannon Ridge Barbera - Betsy Vineyard.

Admittedly, Barbera isn’t a grape varietal I’ve had a lot of exposure to so I was excited to give this one a try.

This is a deep, dark ruby with a touch of purple in the glass. I guessed some Petit Syrah in the blend and was right! 15%. (Lucky guess).

On the nose I get rhubarb pie, vanilla and a hint of something floral, I’m going with Violet.

There is a simplicity here, bing cherry, with a touch of spice. Hot and juicy, I guessed 14+ ABV and it’s labeled at 14.9%. Tannins are well integrated and smooth.

This is a youthful wine but I don’t think there is a lot to gain by aging. This is not an intellectual wine. This is a very enjoyable evening on the porch red.

My wife said “Oh, I really like this!”.

This is a buy for me.

I’ve been awake since 03:05; up, no, awake, yes.

For whatever it’s worth, Barbera is my go to red wine pairing with Indian Food. The star anise in these dishes seems to really work well with this varietal - I’ve been successful with both Scott Harvey’s and the L&L Toccata’s which have been offered here on Woot.

CT on shipping list but not when it comes to place the order - oh well, maybe next time?!

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