Shannon Ridge Single Vineyard Petite Sirah (4)

Shannon Ridge Single Vineyard Petite Sirah 4-Pack
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2010 Single Vineyard Petite Sirah, Caldwell Ranch, Lake County
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Shannon Ridge Single Vineyard Petite Sirah (4)
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I actually have notes on this (a bottle fell into my lap from a flying monkey while watching Once Upon a Time last week), but need to find them since it was last week that the bottle fell.

But suffice it to say until I do find said notes, that I wouldn’t be First Sucker if I didn’t like it.

Edit: And how do they know my desk is overflowing with papers? Did that flying monkey install cameras as well? :wink:

Initial notes: Popped and poured, nice deep purple color, and really nice blackberry notes on the nose.

Really went well with the porterhouse steak.

Definitely big and chewy, and a little oak on the nose. Lots of dark fruit (blueberry, currants, etc.) while tasting, really liked this wine.

More tomorrow on 2nd tasting set.

I’ve had this before, no notes, but had it at the “Taste of Lake Co.” weekend last year and recall that it was a solid PS.

Hi everyone, Chris Baker from Shannon Ridge here. Just wanted to drop in before heading out to a trade show in Asheville, NC later today. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll get back to you asap. Enjoy the 100% PS from Lake County, killer deal on a hard to find wine produced in small quantity.

How would this compare to the Diamond Ridge Petite Sirah we recently had on Woot?

I found that wine, also from Lake County, quite restrained for a Petite Sirah.

Just wondering if this restraint is Clark Smith’s doing or more an attribute of the Lake County Terroir.

Could you comment Chris?

Sorry for the long answer but I’m not sure what the vintage was that you previously had of the DRV? I can say that restraint is not what we see with our Petite Sirah. Big, bold, balanced tannins and will hold for years. In the early days we were selling PS to Bob Pepi for the Two Angles brand and his scores were in the 90s. It’s hard when an area transitions from mostly a growing area to a wine producing area. Struggles for identity and writers looking to label the whole area with a couple of words. We have kept our head down and focused on quality and value. We own the land and control the process. There is a learning curve in dealing with Lake County fruit, especially the reds grown at altitude, it takes a little while to dial in the processes to produce some really great wines, we’ve learned this from the early days. Hope that helps?

It was a pretty easy guess really!

Last note before checking out for a bit. Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine, July 2013 issue scored 90 points and had this to say:

July 2013

  • 90 SHANNON RIDGE Petite Sirah Caldwell Ranch High Valley 2010 Lake County.

Intense, nicely concentrated aromas of briar and pepper and juicy, blackberry fruit make for a most impressive start here, and the wine lives up to billing with broad, deeply filled flavors that go on and on. There is no question about just what the varietal may be here, yet for all of its muscle and mass and peppery spice, the wine is still fruity and structured. We will not recommend that it be drunk right away, and it is certain to grow for ten years or more, yet its fine fit of pieces makes it one that can be comfortably enjoyed in but a few.


Not that I needed any convincing, but I’m in.

Darn. No Connecticut…

It is strange that this has been around for some time, but there are next to no CT holdings (a couple bottles except for Sparky’s prompt entry) and no notes.

SR makes a LOT of wines (and has various winery portfolios). I suspect that a lot of their juice is sold in Lake Co., and I don’t tend to see a lot of CT notes going on from there for some odd reason? Unfortunately I don’t tend to take notes at the Taste of Lake Co. wine weekends, although I do tend to buy something if it’s stellar, but as I have a LOT of wine, it must be both stellar in taste as well as QPR :slight_smile: I’ve bought several bottles at their sister winery, Vigilance.

Any case discounts?

My favorite parts about your tasting notes are the foods with which you pairs the wines…

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