:w_boc: Share your 2024 Craps Here!

It was up 4 a while 2day…and they sold ALOT of them 2day! Congrats 2 all that got it!

And crying along with all my other jailmates like @WootAllDayWootAllNight and every1 else :rofl


Bloated Old Cupid Bloated Old Cupid

It was from a Poinless Push


So sitting in the Vestibule and curious I went to the Pointless Push on my PC and didn’t see anything related to Bloated Old Cupid . . . Now I see a lot of comments, links, etc.


I managed to get one! I am not sure how though. I picked up my phone and saw a notification. Had to log into my phone, click on the link and it went to Buy Now. I still had to log in through Woot and Amazon and somehow it worked. It says speed to first woot was over 11 minutes! :scream: I am thanking all the people still in jail today. I just got out and they threw me back in the slammer! I will take it! :joy:


Let’s hope they didn’t oversell their inventory and there won’t be any cancellations


I would be so sad!! Don’t jinx it!! Lol

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I’m waiting for my Best of Cougars I got the other day. Should be here in a day or two. Here’s hoping for a…

Woot - Liquid disappointment cup
Woot - Flashlight multi-tool
Ooooh oooh or maybe the new 2024 Woot monkeys?

Yeah I know all those are pipe dreams. Whatever I get I’ll be happy with. Maybe disappointed, but still happy.

Been looking at the pictures of other people’s BOCs recently… other than Woot memorabilia, nothing stands out to me as to something I need or could use. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

After all, to me it’s the thrill of the hunt with BOCs. Not as much as to the contents.


Yeah, if u have it n ur order history, u should b all set…they fixed all those bumps from a while bak :clap:
:crossed_fingers: we never c that happen again, eh?


Dont think the 2024 monkeys will b out until like may/june…woot birthday time…

Hoping i get the same things + the cherished piggy bank!

But i have 2 wait and try n next wootoff as i m still n boc jail :frowning:


Woohoo I won today’s BOC! Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!


My BOC… Bandaids on Crocs

1 Treestand transport system - looks impressive/ $50ish…we have no use for it :frowning:

1 batter dispenser - we don’t do pancakes…but mayb other things …?

1 XS small box of gloves…my wife mayb able 2 squeeze her hands n2 that…?

1 fabreware plastic snack utensils…good! We can use

1 GUM dental pics…great…I claimed it

1 rug grip set…we can def use these!

2 adult diapers…great 4 packing/shipping!

And the best of all… we r so crying happy with excitement…
The liquid disappointment cup!!! Score!!! Adding 2 our
woot swag!

Now…need the piggy bank!


I need to find rug grip to have an area rug grip on carpet. Double-sided tape isn’t hacking it.

Congrats on the cup though.


I hope the adult diapers are all given away before my bloated old cupid gets shipped :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Best of Cougars BOC reveal

Overall stuff for the donation bin, but I was pleasantly surprised with a few items…

  • obligatory Woot shopping bag. - avg. Priceless (I think I have this one included in the 12 different kinds I have now. Maybe I’ll donate it.)
  • Woot flashlight - avg. Stunning (Added to the list of Woot swag for the trading post)
  • Vincent van Gogh starry sky puzzle - avg. $14 (donation)
  • XUKE 50 piece umbilical clamp, nasal sucker system - $14 (I guess I could use the scissor clamps and the nasal bulb? I honestly have no use for the umbilical clamps and don’t even know if there is any place that would accept them)
  • 4 piece rug grip set - avg. $5 (I’m going to see if it will work for an area rug over a no-pile carpet. However I’m not holding my breath)
  • 60 piece GUM soft picks advanced - avg. $1.25 (Meh, I’ll use sometime)
  • Disposable film cutter - avg. $1.5 (Meh, I’ll see what other things I can cut with it. Maybe I can pair it with the umbilical clamps and have a side business for vets or midwives.)
  • rip n grip bat tapper - avg. $5 (maybe I can put it on my walking stick. We shall see.)
  • 6 way nail buffer - avg. $2 (ironically I had just bought Emery boards the other day since my previous nail file finally died. Oh well, who knew.)
  • Tapaxis SE7 ANC wireless headphones - avg. $106 (at first I thought these were like other E7 headphones. Opening up the box to find a hard case, oh and they’re new with no ear wax, I found that I like these better then the ones I have. So overall win here.)
  • set of 3 squash sticky balls - avg. $10 (insert joke about guys not being fond of sticky balls. I’ll let your imagination go from there. I may actually see if these balls are fun to play with. Wait… that didn’t sound right to me… oh well.)

Overall crap = $158.75


I will slip these n ur swag package darlin :wink:




Actually I got some in my BOC today so no worries. Thank you though.



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I got my first boc!!

$30 super wings toy (going to be a surprise for the neighbors kids) , a pack of color wonder paper (also going to the neighbors), an apple
Watch band, tds meter, rug grippers, 2 adult diapers, & a pack or bic razors. Plus the bag & cup!


Congrats! I think. Maybe condolences.
Welcome to Disappointment.