Shark 2-in-1 Blast & Scrub Steam Mop

Note: Green color may vary

whaaaaaaaaaaaat??? gotta have GREEN!

damn it. i just bought a brand new shark steam mop. I might have gotten this since it can convert to handheld steamer.

fakespot rates the reviews as unreliable for this product though.

Mine just arrived. It doesn’t come with the Accessory Hose which is the reason I ordered this one. I get that the optional accessories aren’t included but the hose is listed in the manual as part of the package. Hence 2 - in 1. Without it its just a 1!

I hope that your not receiving the hoses and accessories is an isolated thing. If I do not receive the hoses and other items it comes with new I will likely be returning since buying those items and adding the cost to this items cost it will be much more than buying the new item that comes with all of it. I wish sites selling refurbished items didn’t use the same stock photos used for the new items it causes to much confusion about what is included and what is not.

Not an isolated thing. Just got mine today and, alas, no hose. sigh

Where do you see that it says it’s included? It’s not listed in our sale and I don’t see where the owner’s manual does either.

You’re exactly right! I think I got tricked when I was looking at reviews on Amazon. My bad.